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2018 Resolutions for Class 4

As we start 2018, Class 4 were asked to consider their new years resolutions. After having learnt about how we could categorise resolutions into one of four general headings (self-care, achieve more, giving & having fun), the children then made a commitment to stop one thing, keep going with something and start a new one. These were drawn on a 'traffic light' template. Some of the ideas are written below for you to see... 

Ones to stop...

  • stop annoying my parents or siblings
  • stop eating too much junk food and sweets
  • stop wishing, start doing!
  • stop playing on devices so much
  • stop complaining if i'm asked to do a job at home

Ones to keep on...

  • carry on exercising lots
  • keep on practising your hobby
  • keep trying in spellings
  • carry on working hard at school
  • carry on helping around the home
  • keep on listening carefully

Ones to start...

  • try to beat Florence's time in the 'Hall of Fame'
  • do more jobs to help at home
  • spend more time with family
  • learn all my times tables
  • be more organised so I don't lose my possessions
  • do my homework soon after getting it.
  • I want to spend more time playing board games with my family (and stop being on an iPad so much)
  • be more grateful for things
  • do more exercise
  • eat a healthier breakfast
  • Try to persuade my mum to buy me a puppy!

What are you going to stop and start....???