Trowse Primary

Trowse Primary

WW1 week!

DAY ONE (day 2 and 3 below...)

This week it is our 'Special Week' focusing on World War 1 as it is coming up for the 100th Anniversary of the end of The Great War. On Monday the children were in House groups for the day learning about all sorts of aspects of life from the time. What would people eat? What would children play? How did you clean and fix clothes? What was it like to be a soldier going off to war? Below are a few photos to give you a flavour of the day.... Day 2 and 3 are further down the page...


For day two there were three main areas of learning. Firstly, the children found out about life at war for the soldiers, and thought about our local men who lost their lives. They dressed up and found out what it was really like...

Secondly, the children found out what life was like for women in the war. What jobs did they do?

Lastly, Trowse Church has a memorial plaque with the names on the fallen. The older children researched these brave men using war records and found out where they live. Current families may live in these houses today...The children then went on to look at 1901 and 1911 census records to see who was in the house. Maybe there was a child that came to this school who lost a father....



Key Stage 2 children (classes 3 and 4) visited Earlham cemetery to visit the war commission WW1 graves. We found the oldest person to die in WW1- age 85 and the youngest in the Norwich cemetery- age 16. We remembered those that lost their lives from across the world as the graves are those of not just English, but Australian, Canadian, Polish and German military personnel. We laid a wooden cross by each one. We finished the morning my listening to The Last Post in silence. 


Below are some picture from the morning.

We also went to the church in the afternoon to present our research to the church. It is lovely that we have been able to give something to the community that they can keep to find out about their heroes from The Great War.