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Giving our children wide and varied enrichment opportunities is really important to us. Below is an ongoing news page about the kind of things we do that add so much to not only the education but also the personal development of children that come to Trowse Primary School.

Mini First Aid

Monday and Tuesday, 7th and 8th of March saw all children in the school having first aid training! The children understood that they needed to listen to the trainer seriously; these were skills they might need one day. It was paid for from our Run to Tokyo Sponsorship money, which we raised last year. 

Year 2 - The Titanic Experience

Our Year 2 children have been learning about The Titanic this half term and discovered that one of the children's great-grandfathers was actually on board the Titanic when it sank, he was working as a 19 year old plate washer - and he survived.   This made the learning all the more realistic.    On 4th March they had their in-school Titanic Day, boarding as 1st Class Passengers of the White Star Line and being served at their tables with silverware and linen tablecloths and obviously dressed for dinner !! This was a wonderful day of learning, followed the next week by a visit to The Time and Tide Museum at Great Yarmouth - where the staff were amazing in recreating the story of the Titanic and the children had the most memorable day.

World Book Day 2022!

Children and staff alike entered into the spirit of World Book Day on March 3rd. Everyone dressed up as a character from their favourite book and teachers spent time on World Book Day activities, like taking part in live virtual author visits to tell the children about why they love books so much! 

We had a travelling book fair in school for the whole week so families could come in and choose new books for their children too. Thank you for supporting World Book Day- there is nothing more important than developing good readers!

Finally, the 'Friends of Trowse' organised and ran a wonderful 'Bedtime Stories' evening. Children came back to school in the early evening dressed in pyjamas and dressing gowns to hear 4 different bedtime stories- plus hot chocolate and a cookie! We had over 120 people here and our story tellers were really impressed with our children.

Spelling Bee!

World Book Day also saw the return of our infamous Spelling Bee! Children had spent the best part of a month learning lots of words that are appropriate to their age and getting sponsors! Round 1 was in class- to see how many they had learnt and how well they had done! Then, the top 3 from each year group went through to the 'Live Finals!' This was in the hall in front of the whole school. Well done to everyone for all your efforts- you did yourselves proud!  A particular well done to our year group winners: Ikey, Alex, Delilah, Eva, Alina and Joseph. All finalists received a certificate and the winners also received a £5 voucher for WH Smith. Here are some of the words the finalists were asked to spell...

Year 1: bike, draw, beach, foil, search, complain, diseases

Year 2: point, crime, surprise, urgent, entertain, belief, accident

Year 3:brake, disable, mystery, strangely, signature, paragraph, technique

Year 4: meat, crystal, furniture, interfere, parachute, scrumptious, inconvenient

Year 5: pleasant, tournament, receipt, mechanical, triumphant, psychology, buoyancy

Year 6, thorough, accessible, audience, inconsequential, psychiatry, celestial, renaissance

Sports Learning and Discovery Festival

We took 10 children along to the South Norfolk Learning and Discovery Festival on Monday 28th February. This was a sports event unlike most. Rather than focussing on competition, it was designed to be a day of experiencing all sort of activities in a a non-competitive way to promote participation and interest in activity. The conduct of the children we took were a real credit to the school. 

Maths Competition

Well done to our year 5 teams and our year 6 teams in the Norfolk Maths Competition, held at Norwich School in February. They worked really hard, applied everything they had learnt and did themselves proud! Out of approximately 35 teams a t the events we got a 7th place!

Dinosaur Park visit

Year 1 had a fabulous day at the Dinosaur Park, supporting their learning with topic this term of Dinosaurs! This was the first trip out since starting school for Year 1 and they loved it!

Safer Internet Day- 8th February 2022

Children spent time this whole week thinking about how to stay safe and behave responsibly when online. The theme this year was 'All fun and games?' Families were sent helpful information about some of the risks associated with some of the most popular games. Children also completes a survey so we really know what the risks were for our children here and could personalise our conversations. 

Music Tuition

The spring term has seen the return of instrument tuition for our pupils. We are pleased to be working with 'Adam from The Bandwagon' and look forward to hearing the skills and talents of our pupils as they learn their instruments or improve their vocals. Drums, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, keyboard, production and vocals are all available and forming 'bands' is positively encouraged! Click below to visit the website!

Home - The Bandwagon

Personal Coaching

The spring term sees the return of 'Personal Coaching' for our year 5 & 6 students. They spend 10-15 minutes talking to their teacher away from class to identify what they know they are doing well with, then talking about what they struggle with a bit more. The teacher then supports them through thinking about what they can do about it to help themselves. Coaching is a powerful way of involving the pupil much more in taking responsibility for learning and knowing not just 'what' they need to do next, but 'how' to do it too. 

Spring term 2022

Skiing & Swimming

Year 5 & 6 children will be going swimming in the spring term at Riverside. We look forward to seeing just how good they are!

It is also the turn of Year 3 & 4 to go Skiing at Norfolk Snowsports. We do like having this as part of their PE offer at our school. We take the children for a 10 week programme where they are taught in small groups from scratch and end up, if they make good progress, on the main slope!

Thursday 16th December

Trowse Has Got Talent 2021!

Our original plan for the Key Stage 2 show was not going to be possible due to rising cases of Covid. So, we went to 'Plan B'. The School Council wanted to return to last year's theme of a talent show, held virtually- so- we did!

Trowse Has Got Talent 2021 was a great success with so many of the children from KS2 submitting an 'act' for the show. Musical instruments, singing, horse riding, baking, dance and art were just some of the categories of talents that we saw. It was a lovely opportunity to celebrate everyone's individuality in a way we couldn't do in a 'live' performance. A real win-win. 

The winner this year was Charile with his keyboard recital of 'I wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day!'

I think we will all look forward to TGT22! Get practising Kids!

Wednesday 15th December

Christmas Dinner!

Thanks to Karen and the Kitchen team for a really lovely Christmas Dinner! They work so hard all year round to provide the children with healthy and tasty lunches and it was lovely to all give them a big 'Three Cheers' to show our appreciation for everything they do.

10th December 2021

Elf Workshop!

The children had a magical time on Friday 10th December visiting the Elf Workshop to get a gift for their family. Our thanks for to the Friends of Trowse School for organising this and giving up their time to turn a classroom into a fully operational winter wonderland!

Tuesday 7th & Wednesday 8th December

KS1 Performance- The Landlord's Cat

We were enchanted- and very impressed- with the year 1 and 2 Nativity performance. They told the traditional story from the eyes of 'The Landlord's Cat'. It was full of singing and dancing and everyone was so impressed with the quality of the performance. Thank you to all the grown ups involved in supporting the show and a huge well done to all the children for showing how confident they are!

Thursday 2nd December

KS2 Theatre visit -'Fantastically Great Women That Changed the World'

All of Key Stage 2 had a wonderful visit to the theatre to see 'Fantastically Great Women That Changed the World'. Featuring  Frida Kahlo, Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, Marie Curie, Emmeline Pankhurst to name just a few. From explorers to artists, scientists to secret agents, KS2 heard the stories of some of history’s strongest mothers, sisters and daughters; all independent icons who really did change the world!

Thursday November 25th

Reception Theatre Visit- The Gruffalo

The younger children had a wonderful day at the theatre watching one of their favourite stories brought to life in a magical show. It led to some great role play back in class and some wonderful storytelling too!

Tuesday 23rd November

Girls Football Tournament

Huge congratulations to our two Key Stage 2 teams (a year 3 & 4 team and a year 5 & 6 team) on a great performance at the schools girls football tournament. Everyone put in a determined effort and came away feeling very proud of their efforts!

Friday 19th November

Children in Need Day

Everyone came in non-uniform (or Pudsey onesies!) to help raise money for this charity we support every year. Thanks to you we raised approximately £150! Thank you!

Thursday 18th November

Travelling Theatre- Aladdin comes to Trowse!

The children were spellbound by the quality of the performance on Aladdin in our awn school hall! M & M Productions arrive and within an hour are ready to deliver a real spectacular! Thank you to the 'Friends of Trowse School' for supporting this financially!

Monday 15th November

National Anti-Bullying Week

Every year the school marks national anti-bullying week. It is a time to stop and really think hard about how we all have a responsibility to make sure everyone is safe and happy at school- all the time. 

The week started with 'Odd Socks Day!' 'What is Odd Socks Day' i hear you cry! Odd Socks Day marks the start of Anti-Bullying Week. This year's key message was celebrating what makes us all unique and spread kindness. Odd Socks Day 2021 was supported by cBeebies presenter and ABA (Anti-Bullying Alliance) patron Andy Day and his band 'Andy and the Odd Socks'! We loved the song!

Monday 8th November

Great Fire of London Day!

Year 1 had a very special visitor to school today. A real life visitor who lived in London during the time of the great fire. Life in 1666 was brought to life in a very special way that certainly led to a much deeper understanding of the time and increased the engagement and learning for the children.

Monday 1st November

World Compassionate Communities Day

The aim of this project is to start a conversation around loss and bereavement, to help children prepare for this inevitable part of life, whenever it comes, and to help promote a culture of mutual support within our community.
A 2018 study by Child Bereavement UK has shown 111 children suffer the loss of a parent every day in the UK, and for many this can have huge repercussions on their academic achievement, social development and on the choices they make regarding their future. 
Other studies have estimated that on average one child in every class is going through some kind of bereavement – either death, loss or a traumatic change in circumstance, and they do not know how or who to talk to about their feelings.
The first experience of loss is likely to be a grandparent or a pet, but it could be a lost toy, or anything that once made a child happy and is no longer there. This is what we wanted the children to think about when they decorate their hearts. Alternatively, words of support to someone in need. What could I say to let them know I care?

The main essence of this project is to reassure the children we are all in this together and to start a conversation.

Below is a selection of the Wooden Hearts made by the children in recognition of this day.