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Monday 1st November

World Compassionate Communities Day

The aim of this project is to start a conversation around loss and bereavement, to help children prepare for this inevitable part of life, whenever it comes, and to help promote a culture of mutual support within our community.
A 2018 study by Child Bereavement UK has shown 111 children suffer the loss of a parent every day in the UK, and for many this can have huge repercussions on their academic achievement, social development and on the choices they make regarding their future. 
Other studies have estimated that on average one child in every class is going through some kind of bereavement – either death, loss or a traumatic change in circumstance, and they do not know how or who to talk to about their feelings.
The first experience of loss is likely to be a grandparent or a pet, but it could be a lost toy, or anything that once made a child happy and is no longer there. This is what we wanted the children to think about when they decorate their hearts. Alternatively, words of support to someone in need. What could I say to let them know I care?

The main essence of this project is to reassure the children we are all in this together and to start a conversation.

Below is a selection of the Wooden Hearts made by the children in recognition of this day.