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Our Governors

There are ten members of our Governing Body in the following categories (dates in brackets are when their term of office ends):

We also have an associate governor


Headteacher (1 space)

Stuart Odell

Parent Governors (3 spaces)

Mark Thompson (02/05/2020)
Zoe Grove- Chair of Resources Committee (18/05/2021)
Rachel Hunt- (25/1/2022)

Co-opted Governors (4 spaces)

Cate Norton (12/10/2020)
Karen Fox (23/02/22)
Janice Scott (November 2022)
Lucy Smith (December 2022)

Local Authority Governor (1 space)

Maeve Fox (12/12/21)

Staff Governor (1 space)

Emma Elvin (member of staff) (02/12/2018)

Associate Governors (as required)

Clerk (not a Governor)

Liz Andrews

For the academic year 2018/19 no Governors recorded any pecuniary business or financial interest on their declaration forms.
The Headteacher and one teacher are Governors. No other Governor is related to any school staff.

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