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Trowse Primary

Governor Profiles


Mark Thompson (Chair)

I am a parent of a child at the school. I have a diverse working background including being an electrician, behavioural scientist, road safety professional, strategist, and town planner. I currently manage my own business. This diversity has enabled me to develop various relevant skills such as understanding data and strategy. I was a Trustee on the board of the Norfolk Community Transport Association, which provided valuable experience in running a charity. On a more personal note, I grew up on the poorest council estate in England and recognise how transformational a good education can be, as well as the importance of the school’s role in safeguarding.

Karen Fox (Vice-Chair)

I am by profession a Family Lawyer with over thirty years experience. I have first hand experience of the global difficulties adults and children face when a marriage/long term partnership breaks down. I am a Mediator and more recently became the Safeguarding Governor for our local school, something which gives me great pleasure.

In my personal life I am mum to Ellen, partner to Tony and a keen to do anything outdoor enthusiast with a love of hiking. My favourite shoes are my walking boots!

Maeve Fox (LA Governor)

I don’t believe there is a more important set of “stakeholders” than our children. They should be at the forefront of every decision a school makes, and I believe that the education, social support, guidance and learning environment they receive in school are the ones that will set their path for life. Being a part of those decisions is an enormous responsibility but one which I am keen to take on and learn from. Professionally, my role is to guide, advise and drive the business I work with in the right direction in order to support a key set of stakeholders. Not too dissimilar to the role of a governor in a school setting. My role requires good negotiation skills, a forward thinking view of the business, the need to see the big picture and long term requirements and an ability to hold management to account and make tough requests of them where necessary. I have also managed funds and budgets in excess of £1m since 2003.

Zoe Grove (Parent Governor)

I have a huge passion for education so I was delighted to be appointed as a parent governor in May 2017 when my eldest son was in Year 5 and my youngest in Year 1. I am the nominated governor for maths and the link governor for Year 1.

Having completed my PGCE in 1998, I have spent many years working in the education sector. My experience includes working as a high school English teacher, a project worker for an education business partnership and my current role as a teaching assistant in a primary school.

With my parental perspective and background in the education sector, I feel confident in offering both support and challenge to the governing body in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for all children.

Rachel Hunt (Parent Governor)

I joined Trowse Primary School as an elected parent governor in 2018. However, I have many years understanding of the schooling offered by Trowse, through the experiences of my three children. My oldest began at Trowse Primary in 2011, joining Miss Bonham’s reception class. Since this time I have had the opportunity to witness first hand the quality of all teaching staff working at the school. I believe through this experience, I can support Trowse school in its continued efforts towards achieving its core values of developing successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. I also lived within Trowse village for 12 years, during which I was an active member of the local community. I am employed within an operational management role in a local NHS organisation and have a range of skills which I bring to my governor role. In particular I am passionate about health and well-being and this inspires me to help create a positive environment for our children and gain the social and physical rewards that physical activity can deliver. I am very enthusiastic and keen to be part of the team that continues to deliver sustainable success for all children at Trowse Primary.

Lucy Smith (Co-opted Governor)

I am a social worker by trade having spent 5 years in a specialist front line post. More latterly I have been managing a local authority team within the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) service. I have a degree in Education and a masters in Social Work. I have, and continue to be, interested in how a child’s social circumstances impact on their experience of education and their attainments. I have experience of sitting on school exclusion panels as an expert witness and have extensive experience of SEND tribunals. I hope to bring some knowledge of the inner workings of the Local Authority to this role as well as a passion for ensuring children achieve the absolute best they can.

Camilla Webster (Co-opted Governor)

I am Head of Pre-Prep at Old Buckenham Hall in Suffolk. The school has about 200 pupils from Nursery to Year 8 with the Pre-Prep department housing nursery to year 2. Last year, OBH was named one of Tatler’s 3 top schools in the Independent Schools Guide and gained “excellent” in both areas in a recent inspection. As well as heading up the Pre-Prep department, I am EYFS co-ordinator and sit on the management team for the school.

This September, I project managed and launched a new learning environment in the Nursery – pulling elements from Montessori, Reggio and Hugge. We also split the nursery into two classes, to offer more personalised learning to the children.

Trowse will always have a place in my heart, as I grew up just up the hill on Bracondale. A few years ago, when I lived in Norwich, I  brought both my daughters to the Trowse Baby and toddler group and made friends with a number of families from the community. I then did so me supply work at the school and even ran the school choir for a short time.

I am delighted to be back working with Trowse Primary again and look forward to working alongside the staff and governors in the years to come.

Vacancy (Co-opted Governor)

Emma Elvin (Staff Governor)

I have a wealth of teaching background, am our Class 3 teacher (p/t) and also the SENCO for Trowse Primary. As staff governor I is able to give an insight into how plans/priorities are being implemented and also how effective they are, as well as ensuring that other governors have an understanding of staff opinion and capabilities when agreeing expectations and setting priorities.

Stuart Odell (Headteacher)

I have worked in Education and in particular the primary sector, since gaining my Bachelor of Education degree in 1996. As a teacher, my experience was more for the older primary years and I led subjects for the schools I worked in from PE to Science to Computing. I became a Deputy Head in 2005 and then Headteacher here in January 2009. Having been here for 10 years I can still honestly say I love every day. What do I want for the school? I want children to be successful learners obviously, but much more than that I want the school to help shape and develop them as individuals. I want the school curriculum to be rich and varied, giving children the skills, qualities and experiences to make sure they are responsible citizens and confident individuals too. 

Wee have governors who hold specific responsibilities. These are:

Chair Of the Governing Body- Mark Thompson

  • Child Protection- Karen Fox
  • Vulnerable Groups (SEND & LAC)- Lucy Smith
  • Curriculum- Emma Elvin
  • Maths- Zoe Grove
  • English Janice Scott
  • Pupil Premium- Rachel Hunt
  • Sports Premium - Rachel Hunt
  • Health & Safety- Mark Thompson
  • Website- Camilla Webster
  • Cluster Governor- Maeve Fox