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There are ten members of our Governing Body in the following categories. Also detailed is any specific responsibility they have on behalf of the Governing Body.



Stuart Odell


Zoe Hill  (Appointed 10th July 2023)
Josie Stevens (Appointed 6th October 2020)  
Linda Robey (Appointed 18th May 2021) 



Sue Mitchell (Appointed 26th February 2020) Vice Chair of Governors
Guy Owen (Appointed 14th July 2021) - Co-Chair of Governors
Rachel Blakemore (Appointed 11th September 2022)  Chair of Finance Committee
Rebecca Lamb (Appointed December 2022) 


Maeve Fox (Appointed 17th November 2017) Co-Chair of Governors 


Sarah Woodcock (Yr 2 Teacher) (Appointed February 2023)



Liz Andrews (not a Governor)
For the academic year 2022/23 1 Governor recorded a pecuniary business or financial interest on their declaration form.
Attendance at GB meetings for the year 2021-22 was 77%
The Headteacher and one teacher are Governors. No other Governor is related to any school staff.
Governors of Trowse Primary School do not receive any financial allowances for their work.
The Governing Body have a Finance committee, the chair of this for 2023-24 is Rachel Blakemore.
The Governing body currently has no 'associate' members. 

Priorities for the 2023-24 academic year.

1. Review the curriculum for foundation subjects not covered by the International Primary Curriculum

We  adopted the IPC from September 2022. This is an exciting topic-based curriculum, the aim of which is for primary school children to understand how the different curriculum areas interlink, and for them to make connections across subjects to form a stronger understanding of the learning. Some subjects are not covered. These are: PE, music and languages (MFL)

2. Review the assessment of learning in the foundation subjects covered by the International Primary Curriculum

We have been using the IPC since September 2022. In this second year of using it, we want to review key knowledge and finalise our key questions in each topic to assess what has been learnt. These questions are not a secret 'test' for children, but questions that can be used throughout the unit and are shared with children and families (though the knowledge organisers) to promote focussing on key elements that will support future learning.


Last year there was a large investment in development of the outside area for EYFS. We want to review the curriculum and resources in EYFS to make sure we offer rich, layered and varied opportunities for children to explore their environment and develop their learning.

4. Phonics & Spelling

Reception and Year 1 have been using 'Success for All' phonics. This year, we will expand the scheme to year 2 with the introduction of their product 'The Jungle Club'. Spelling with the Jungle Club is a brand-new, online platform that provides teachers with fun and engaging daily spelling lessons. Digital, interactive sessions are designed to motivate children and allow teachers to track progress through Year 2 National Curriculum objectives for spelling. Rooted in evidence-based research, Spelling with the Jungle Club is a unique spelling adventure that ensures spelling sticks.

5. Staff professional learning communities

Having worked last year in school on an Instructional Round, which in turn led to our own school Theories of Action and the development of our revised in school teaching handbook,', this year we want staff to focus on their own professional practise in class and further develop their skill set working towards our common goal led by our own school best practise guide. 

6. Expansion

Due to the continued expansion of our school, in September 2024 we will open up our 7th classroom. it is vitally important that not only is the space resourced properly, butt hat we employ the right staff to continue the learning journey for the children who fit in to the ethos of our wonderful school. 

We also expect to be gifted and extra piece of land adjacent to the school site and will need to carefully plan how this is adopted and used. 

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