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Personal Development


Our Intent

At Trowse Primary School, we strive for our children to develop into confident individuals, successful learners and responsible global citizens who are ready to contribute positively to their communities and the wider world.

With this in mind, we have developed ways to ensure our personal development provision offers every child high quality opportunities to enhance their education and, ultimately, their future.

We recognise that personal development for our children should be in partnership with their academic development which is why we are so proud of our International Primary Curriculum and International Early Years Curriculum.  The IPC and IEYC include Personal Goals which are sequential in development of expectation from the EYFS through to Year 6.  These are: adaptable, empathise, collaborate, communicate, thinker, resilient, respectful and ethical.  At Trowse, we believe that these underpin the individual qualities and learning dispositions that the responsible citizens of the future will need in order to thrive in a demanding global society. 

More than just having words on a page, these Personal Goals are developed into a progression document. Being adaptable in year 1 is different to being adaptable in Year 6. The document at the bottom of the page (downloadable) details this progression in personal qualities.

1.      Provision for children’s broader development, enabling them to develop and discover their interests and talents


Whole School

Individual/Class based etc.


4Ward Sport – dance

Brainwave units in IPC

Christmas Performances

‘Trowse has Got Talent’ Christmas Show

School Council

After school clubs


Theatre groups into school (Christmas)

Gardening – growing food and plants



Show and Tell





First Aid

2.      Provision for children to develop their character – including their resilience, confidence and independence


Whole School

Individual/Class based etc.

Personal Goals

Sports Clubs/competitions

Life Skills – fastening shoelaces, road safety etc.

Positivity and praise – Star of the Week, Celebration Assembly, Flashbacks, Team points

School Council/House Captains


Sports day

School fete


EYFS learn to change for PE at school

Opportunities/Tasks set in lessons

Open Ended Tasks to promote resilience

Personal Coaching

Behaviour Systems – making the right choices - Star of the Day

Pupil Role Models – children sharing how they have achieved success

School trips

Key stage 2 residentials

3.      Mental Health and Well-Being


Whole School

Individual/Class based etc.

Nurture time if needed

Trusted adults

Out of school achievements celebrated in whole school assembly

Relationships with Parents

Conversations with children outside of the classroom e.g. playtimes/lunchtimes

Headteacher greeting children at front gate at the start of the day

Clear school ethos (Safe, Happy, Learn)

Secure routines

Wellbeing Survey in KS2

Birthdays recognised in class

Brain Breaks/sensory support

Knowing children’s families/interests/worries/concerns etc.

Class novel/story time

End of year awards for KS1 and KS2 

4.      Physical Development


Whole School

Individual/Class based etc.

Cluster PE coaching

Physical development opportunities in breakfast and after school clubs.

Daily Mile

PE curriculum

Representing the school in competitions

Sports day

Sponsored physical challenges (Run to Tokyo)

Personal Hygiene

Fine and Gross motor skills

Healthy Lifestyles

Gardening – grow fruit and vegetables



5.      Preparing children for each step in their education (transition into Reception, Reception to KS1, KS1 to KS2, Class to Class, Year 6 to High school)


Whole School

Individual/Class based etc.

Open Door Policy

Nurture time if needed

Children and staff have opportunities to meet during playtimes, lunchtimes.

Move Up day - July

Staff meeting time given to liaise about children

Teachers and TAs liaise

Information on Seesaw

Welcome Meetings/school tours

Parents’ Evenings – key info shared


Transition packs for new starters

Meet the Teacher meeting - September

Home visits (prior to starting Reception)

Links with Chapelfield Nursery  

Stay and Play sessions for new Intake

Induction programme for children and parents prior to starting in the Reception class.

Nurture/PSA/SENDCo support for children and families

High School visits


6.      Preparing children for life in modern Britain – promoting the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development of children, and within this fundamental British values

Whole School

Individual/Class based etc.


Democracy – vote for House Captains and School Council

Access to other cultures through ‘International Goals’

Norfolk RSE curriculum


School Behaviour policy

Anti - bullying Week

Anti-bullying policy

Promotion of equality and diversity 

Celebrating Pride Week

Fundraising and donations made to local and international charities.

British values displayed in child speak around school

British sign language taught and displayed

Celebrating festivals from range of faiths

Cooking/food sampling from different cultures

MFL curriculum

Inter-faith and specific faith activities and speakers in school


'Discovery RE' curriculum coverage of the major world religions. Children develop awareness of faiths, religious practices and beliefs. They learn to compare religions respectfully and empathetically and develop an awareness of their own beliefs too. 


 Personal Learning Goals - IPC.pdfDownload
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