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Events- SO What has been going on?

Giving our children wide and varied enrichment opportunities is really important to us. Below is an ongoing news page about the kind of things we do that add so much to not only the education, but also the personal development of children that come to Trowse Primary School.

Reception Class went to "Once upon a Time" at Gressenhall Museum and Farm - Wednesday, 20th March 2024

Our reception children had their first ever school outing to "Once upon a Time" at Gressenhall.   

"Its the opening of a brand-new fairy tale gallery at the museum and the curator needed the children's help to find the fairy tale objects because the naughty witch had pinched them!"  The children were split into groups and visited the farm to help clean Cinderella's house, assist with the Ugly Sister's farm yard chores and an tractor ride inspecting the farm.  Then after lunch, the children took part in Jack's beanstalk quest,making the witch's potion and finally tracking down the Curators lost objects.

All in all, it was a wonderful day - the children were impeccably behaved and were a real credit to themselves and the school.

Apple Orchard Planting at Whitlingham - 14th March 2024

We took 10 of our KS2 School Councillors to plant an apple orchard on an unused piece of ground at Whitlingham.   The children had a great time, learning about the development of various areas of Whitlingham Country Park and were thrilled to be part of this project.   All 30 trees are Norfolk apples - some eaters and some cookers.   It will be about 3 years before they produce fruit - the site in next to the road and the first car park as you enter Whitlingham, so if you are going for a walk, look over the fence and see the orchard for yourself.

World Book Day - Thursday, 7th March

To celebrate world book day we had a variety of events happening - starting with a Book Fair, which was brilliantly supported by parents and raised over £400 in commission for the school to buy more books.   We also had a non-uniform day and children dressed as a Book Character - there we so many amazing, imaginative costumes on show and the highlight of the day was having a professional story-teller come into school for the day to tell stories to all year groups - this was funded by our amazing FOTS and it was a really fabulous day.

Year 2's Edith Cavell Workshop - Thursday, 15th February

Year 2 had a brilliant morning learning all about Edith Cavell (thank you Janet Marshall for your excellent workshop) tying in with their topic of People of the Past.  The children learnt about her life and why she was such an important person.   A local heroine from Swardeston in Norfolk, her memorial statue can be see in the Cathedral grounds.

Year 4 Go Skiing !!

Our Year 4 class started on a 10 week learn to ski course at Norfolk Snowsports Club in January every Tuesday afternoon, they are now half way through the course and they are making fabulous progress and moving higher up the slopes.  Their enthusiasm is infectious and it is lovely to see their confidence grow week by week.

Weaving Workshop - Year 3 - 12th February 2024

Year 3 took part in a weaving workshop as part of their "Island Life" topic.  The children looked at a variety of materials and textiles from different islands and how the environment might have influenced their design. The children then got to design their own textile and explain how they were inspired by an island of their choice. We brought this learning to life by the children getting the chance to have a go at making a material and understand how they are formed. Local weavers came in and showed the class the craft  of weaving and the children got to have a go using a mini loom.   A fabulous afternoon - and some wonderful designs too.


Year 2 Soup Cafe - 25th January 2024

To end their "Superhumans" Topic, Year 2 hosted a soup cafe for their grown ups and made delicious vegetable soup and bread rolls.  The delicious smell of home made soup and bread wafted around the school as all children got involved in the preparation and hosting the event.  Some acted as the welcome party, others waited on the grown-ups in the hall. It was a lovely busy afternoon and the children raised £103.40 for UNICEF. Well done all!

Here are some of the comments from the parents and grown ups who attended :

Louisa  It was a wonderful afternoon. Thank you.

Kerri  It was a lovely afternoon, the children were brilliant ❤️ 

Gintare Thank you for organising this, great young chefs in the making 

Brandon It was a great event and a joy to see how well the children did serving the parents, selling things, helping and engaging with their jobs. They all did brilliantly and it was a lovely thing to do for learning and confidence well done everyone! 

Blake Such a lovely afternoon, thank you. 

Sophie Thank you for a lovely afternoon, it was clear to see a lot of hard work went in to organising and bringing it all together, very impressed

Breakfast Club play Dodgeball (January 2024)

Our new Dodgeball club has proved really popular with over 20 children coming along every Tuesday for 30 minutes of sport before lessons.  Great to see the take up of this.

Year 3 and 4 go to the Garage to see Pinocchio

On 15th December, we took all of our Year 3 and 4 children to The Garage in Norwich to see their Christmas Production of Pinocchio.  This was a fabulous interactive experience, where the cast of just two performers interchanged roles,  played their own musical instrument, sand and told the story with a modern twist.  The children loved it and we are really thankful to our lovely FOTS for funding this visit entirely.

Years 3-6 (KS2) Christmas Concert- 14th December 2023

All our key stage 2 children sang their hearts out for our Christmas concert. Families came in and were impressed by the variety of musical skills on show: soloist, tuned percussion accompaniment and singing in cannon. 

Reception Family Christmas- 7th December 2023

Children in reception crafted until their hearts were content on Thursday 7th December. Families came in and everyone spent time feeling festive in the hall together. The afternoon finished with some well rehearsed songs which the children sang beautifully to their families!

Year 1 & 2 Nativity- 5th and 6th December

The year 1 and 2 children really enjoyed dressing up for their nativity performance called 'It's a Party!' We had some really confident performances and some brave soloists too! Well done to all the boys and girls- they were just great!

Our Year 4 Children went to Sheringham and on the North Norfolk Railway 

They had the most wonderful day, tying this in with their topic of steam and transport

Sailing Week at Whitlingham for Years 5 and 6 - 23rd to 26th and 29th June 2023

Our children have had an amazing time learning to sail at Whitlingham Outdoor Activity Centre.  The years 5's are new to the water and are learning Level 1, our Year 6 children are building on their sailing skills from last year and are taking on Level 2 of the accredited programme.   This is always an amazing week, whatever the weather, and we have been blessed with sunshine and enough wind to sail, but not too much.   We are always very grateful to the Aquarius Trust for their grant donation towards the cost of the sailing - and we also use our PE funding to pay for 50% of the cost.   It is wonderful to be able to make use of such a brilliant facility right on our doorstep.

Carrow Road Visit - KS2 - Wednesday, 24th May 2023

All our KS2 children (Years 3,4,5 and 6) had the most amazing opportunity to visit Carrow Road.  The event was organised by Anglian Home Improvements through their sponsorship of NCFC and we were a very lucky school to be chosen to make use of all the football clubs facilities and staff.   We all had full access to the pitch, the tunnel and the changing rooms.   The children all ran out onto the field through the tunnel as if it was a match day and then a morning of football related sporting carousels took place, finishing off with penalty shoot outs.    It was definitely worth the walk there and back - we have never seen so many smiling faces - a memory they will cherish for the rest of their lives.   We even made the ITV Anglia news that evening !! 

Reception go to Strumpshaw Fen - Wednesday, 24th May 2023

Our reception class went on their first school outing to the beautiful Strumpshaw Fen Nature Reserve.  As part of their "The World Around Us" topic, the children had been finding out about the natural environment and this visit enabled them to build on this learning and be able to observe a contrasting location.   They saw creatures in their natural habitats as well as exploring how to care for our environment.  The staff at Strumpshaw were lovely and very complimentary about the beautiful behaviour of our children.

Bandwagon Concert - Monday 22nd May

Wow, what an afternoon of talent - Adam from Bandwagon has been teaching the children instruments and vocals for almost a year now.   This was their first concert for their parents and what a show it was.   We are so impressed by the children's confidence and musical ability.   A special thank you goes to Adam for the huge amount of work that must have gone in to staging this production.  Same again next year please ! 

Tri-Golf Event - Year 2s - 22nd May 2023

Some of our Year 2 children had a fabulous afternoon at Bungay Golf Club, some of their hand-eye co-ordination was very impressive - lots of fun had by all.

Coronation Lunch and Line of Pennies! Friday 5th May 2023

We celebrated the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla with a whole school picnic on the field (and managed to get it all eaten before the thunderstorms arrived) then after school the FOTS arranged a "Line of Pennies" fundraiser - children had been bringing in their bags of pennies for a few weeks and the buckets we really heavy by the Friday afternoon.   All the coins were laid out in lines and the winning team "Greens" get to choose how the money will be spent to benefit the pupils - as you can imagine it takes a long time to count up over 120m of pennies - as soon as we have the final amount we will let you know.  Thank you to everyone involved in this fun day.

Red Bus Tour - Year 3- Tuesday 2nd May

As part of Year 3's new topic on Travel and Tourism, the open-top Red Bus came to to school to collect the children and gave them a tour of Norwich, showing all the major sites and places of interest.  It was great fun and everyone, children and adults learnt lots of really interesting facts about Norwich.    After the tour the children have used their experience and all the things they have learnt to write a guide of Norwich, letting visitors and tourists coming to the city know of all the amazing places they would recommend going to.

International Women's Day- Wednesday 8th March

We Celebrated International Women's Day. Assembly talked about the topic as a whole and then in classes children looked at inspirational women through history. The gallery below is a small snapshot into the women they learnt more about.

Sports Hall Athletics- Tuesday 7th March

On the afternoon of the 7th March, a team of 12 year 5 & 6 children got on the bus and went off to Framingham Earl High School for our Cluster Sports Hall Athletics competition. The afternoon consisted of a variety of throwing and jumping 'field' events, followed by the relays to finish! It is always a very exciting atmosphere and we the children came a very credible second place overall! Well done Year 5 & 6!

World Book Day - 2nd March 2023

The children loved coming in costume- dressing up as their favourite book characters. (The staff did too!) As well as the dressing up of themselves, families also took the time to be creative with fruits and vegetables and turn them into characters! See what they made below- what a talented community we have!

Children also took the opportunity to enjoy books across the school with 'Book Buddies' time. This is where older children in school go and read and enjoy sharing stories with the younger children. Delightfully heart warming to watch!

KS1 Maths Workshop for Parents - 8th February 2023 

We had a fabulous turnout of parents from Years 1 and 2 for a Maths Workshop run by Mrs Rush and Mrs Woodcock.   Hopefully parents will feel more able to support their children with maths, understanding the way it is taught and how to make maths fun and relevant to every day life skills.

Real Life Super Heroes Visit our Reception Class - 6th and 7th February 2023

Our Reception children are learning about Real Life Superheroes as their topic this half term.   We have had a visit from Norfolk Police and Red Watch at the Diamond Jubilee Fire Station at Bracondale.  The children learnt about the roles that our emergency services provide for us - they even got to wear a Police hat and sit in the car  and use the water hoses on the Fire Engine - great excitement all round !

Bikeability Training

Our Year 4 children took part in Bikeability training last week - initially ensuring that all the bikes were road-worthy and that the riders were confident on the playground setting.   This week they will be going out in small groups on the roads.   Safety of our children is  something we feel passionate about and with the summer approaching there will be a lot more children out on their bikes and it is essential that they know how to be seen and be safe.

Yr 5-6 Learning and Discovery Festival - Monday, 16th January 2023 (Sports based)

Some of our Year 5 and 6 children had a great morning at Long Stratton Leisure Centre participating in this event organised by the School Games team - it's lovely to get the children out into the community taking part in events with other schools from our locality.

Our Elf Workshop on Friday, 16th December was the perfect way to finish the term. 

One of the classrooms was transformed into an amazing Christmas Grotto by our wonderful FOTS Elves and Father Christmas also visited for the morning.   Every child had the opportunity to visit the Elf Workshop and select a gift for someone special in their lives, they wrapped them and labelled them and had a wonderful time.   Our thanks go to our fabulous FOTS - it takes so much work and organisation to pull this off - every year it just gets better and better - thank you so much FOTS you are amazing.

KS2 Christmas Performance

Our KS2 children delighted us with their Christmas performance of songs and carols - their confidence and professionalism was absolutely wonderful to see.

Reception Craft Afternoon with Songs for their Families

On Wednesday, 14th December our Reception class held a craft afternoon for families, making Christmas cards and baubles, together with biscuits that the children had decorated.  To end the afternoon, the children took to the stage and sang three beautiful Christmas songs - they were amazing !

Christmas Lunch - A Fabulous Feast

On Wednesday, 14th December, we had a very busy day - with Christmas dress rehearsals for KS2 production, followed by Christmas lunch, followed by our reception afternoon.

We are so lucky to have our own kitchen on site and the Christmas lunch was delicious - huge thanks go to Karen, our Chef, together with her team for putting on a wonderful spread.  These days are all hands-on deck to ensure the children have a great time. 

Year 2 Soup Kitchen

On Thursday 8th December, as their Exit Point from their topic 'Super Humans', Year 2 children planned an amazing Soup Kitchen afternoon in the school hall. Combining their learning of how to keep healthy with some international learning, they decided to ask for donations that they could give to a charity that would help children in Ukraine. They raised over £70 which has been donated to UNICEF. Well done Year 2!

Year 1 and 2 Christmas Production

Year 1 and 2 have spend a long time rehearsing their production of 'Hey Ewe'- a take on the traditional nativity story, but from the perspective of a curious sheep who wondered what on earth was going on! The performances to families were wonderful! Not only did they demonstrate their learning very well, but they showed such confidence to deliver their lines and songs lour and clear! 

Children in Need - Non Uniform Day

We had a great time celebrating Children in Need today with a non-uniform day and the younger children made Pudsey head bands.  Thank you to all our parents for supporting us we raised £182.77

Anti-Bullying Week - 14th November 2022 (supporting others)

This week every year is National Anti-Bullying Week. We always start the week of supporting 'Odd Socks Day' on the Monday to celebrate everyone's individuality and uniqueness. 

During the week we learn about bullying and how we can make sure our school is a safe and happy place for every child. 

In reception children talked about everybody being unique and celebrating these differences. The children decorated 'odd socks' for Odd Socks Day!

In Year 2 children worked together to think about friendly and unfriendly behaviours in school. 

In Year 3 and 4 children talked about what bullying is and is not. They identified what positive and healthy relationships should look like and what to do if a friendship is making us feel unhappy or unsafe. 

In year 5 & 6 children tried to identify a range of problems that might be faced by children their age, including bullying (face to face or online) and how to seek help. Also- how to offer support to friends in need. 

National Road Safety Week (14-20 Nov)- Pedestrian Safety Training- November 2022 (personal safety)

As well as an assembly for all children, our younger children had a special visit from the safety team to support National Road Safety Week! All the children had an afternoon out and about learning about pedestrian safety. This is so valuable for the children and part of our vision to make sure children are safe. What is more- it was paid for by the FOTS. Thank you!!!

Tag Rugby- November 2022 (sporting competition)

On Monday 7th November the Key Stage 2 tag rugby team represented the school in a cluster competition. It was a wet and muddy day -great for rugby! The children had a fabulous afternoon and were a credit to the school in their teamwork, effort. As always, their behaviour and conduct whilst representing the school was great too. 

Cross Country- November 2022 (sporting competition)

On Wednesday 2nd November the Key Stage 2 school cross country team went to Langley school to compete in the regional event. I applaud them for their hard work and athleticism on a cold November day! Well done to all of you for taking part!

Linking up Internationally- October 2022 (international)

As we are an IPC school, we have the opportunity to link up with schools around the globe. On recent example of this when Year 3 linked up with a school in Thailand to share their learning as they were both doing the same topic at the same time!

It is really important to us to make sure our children are exposed to every country, culture, religion or belief so they grow up with understanding and acceptance of all. 

Banham Zoo- October 2022 (science/ geography)

As part of Year 5 & 6 topic (Existing, Endangered, Extinct) the children went to Banham Zoo to learn about the species there. More than just a regular visit, we had planned for the children to have talks from the experts there about adaptation and how human behaviour as well as climate change is pushing some species to the verge of extinction.

Transport Museum - September 2022 (science)

Year 2 went to the Norfolk Transport Museum on the 29th September to start off their second topic of the year - 'From A to B'. They had a great time and came back enthused for their learning. 

Wood Henge in Trowse! (history)

All of KS2 visited the Wooden Henge where there was an archaeological dig going on! We all visited at the end of the excavations for a tour to learn about how the site was used thousands of years ago and to try to understand what the geography of the area might have been like. It was a fascinating privilege to be able to see a 'real' archaeological dig and may just have inspired some!

Church Visit- September 2022 (RE/ metacognition)

Year 3 and 4 visited the church as part of their first unit of the year- Brainwave. They met the vicar and looked at the church through 4 'lenses'. 

THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY WHO SUPPORTED OUR MACMILLAN COFFEE MORNING TODAY.   We are extremely proud of our Year 6 children who hosted the event and really grateful for your support.   We have raised over £420.00 so far ......... Thank you !

School Fete- September 2022

Thank you to all the children, parents, extended family members and members of the community for supporting our wonderful school fete. We raised over £2,500 which is amazing! THANK YOU!

Hatching Ducklings

We had the joy of hatching ducklings in school and watching them grow - and now they live with Mrs Rush and have an amazing time - look how they have grown!

Mini First Aid (staying safe)

Earlier this year all children in the school received first aid training! The children understood that they needed to listen to the trainer seriously; these were skills they might need one day. It was paid for from our Run to Tokyo Sponsorship money, which we raised last year. 

Year 2 - The Titanic Experience (history)

Our Year 2 children have been learning about The Titanic this half term and discovered that one of the children's great-grandfathers was actually on board the Titanic when it sank, he was working as a 19 year old plate washer - and he survived.   This made the learning all the more realistic.    On 4th March they had their in-school Titanic Day, boarding as 1st Class Passengers of the White Star Line and being served at their tables with silverware and linen tablecloths and obviously dressed for dinner !! This was a wonderful day of learning, followed the next week by a visit to The Time and Tide Museum at Great Yarmouth - where the staff were amazing in recreating the story of the Titanic and the children had the most memorable day.

World Book Day 2022! (english)

Children and staff alike entered into the spirit of World Book Day on March 3rd. Everyone dressed up as a character from their favourite book and teachers spent time on World Book Day activities, like taking part in live virtual author visits to tell the children about why they love books so much! 

We had a travelling book fair in school for the whole week so families could come in and choose new books for their children too. Thank you for supporting World Book Day- there is nothing more important than developing good readers!

Finally, the 'Friends of Trowse' organised and ran a wonderful 'Bedtime Stories' evening. Children came back to school in the early evening dressed in pyjamas and dressing gowns to hear 4 different bedtime stories- plus hot chocolate and a cookie! We had over 120 people here and our story tellers were really impressed with our children.

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