Trowse Primary School

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Pepperpot Drive, Norwich, Norfolk NR14 8TU



Our Nurture TA and Parent Support Advisor is Mrs Lacey, she is also a Designated Safeguarding Lead.  She has a wealth of experience and know-how to support the social and emotional needs of children. This may be through seeing children 1-2-1, or working in small groups. If you think your child might be going through a period of difficulty and may benefit from some nurture time, please do let us know. This could be due to a bereavement, family break up, or the loss of a pet. The reasons are wide and varied but we will support where we can.  If we feel the matter requires specialist support we may talk to you about referring on to a specialist.  If as a result of nurture work a safeguarding concern arises, we will then follow our safeguarding policy procedures. 

Mrs Lacey is also there for you as parents and carers, if you want advice or support. If we can support you to support your children, then we will do what we can. 

You can also talk to your child's class teacher.

If you feel you would  like to make an appointment, then please call the school office and they will arrange for Mrs Lacey to contact you.