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Parent Support

The school employs a Parent Support Advisor to help you. If you are struggling with elements of home life, things like routine, homework, bed times, behaviour, food & nutrition, or need support financially for things like accessing benefits or getting uniform, them why not give us a call and ask to speak to Mrs Lacey, our Parent Support Advisor. Mrs Lacey will call you back to talk to you about how she can help. 


Food Banks

We know that things are difficult financially at the moment for many families. Don't forget that there are Food Banks out there to help if you are in need. The Norwich Food Bank website has lots of information for you about where you can collect food parcels from and the opening times of these organisations. CLICK HERE to visit their site.



We also know that uniform can be a real expense for you. We have a 'NEW TO YOU' option whereby families can donate good condition, second hand uniform so that others can benefit from being able to purchase perfectly good items and cheap prices. Please contact the school office to discuss what items you require. 


Flourishing Families Tool

The Flourishing Families Tool has been designed for families who might want a little extra help meeting their child’s needs. We know that parenting can sometimes feel overwhelming but we all share the common goal to give children the best start in life. There are all sorts of things that you can get help with, whether it’s healthy eating, fun activities or financial support, and this tool was developed to help you work out what you’re already doing well and help you find support when and if you need it. Give it a go- you might just find there is help out there. 


Norwich Charitable Trusts

 They have three independent grant-making charities under our Norwich Charitable Trusts umbrella. These are Anguish’s Educational Foundation, Norwich Consolidated Charities and the Norwich Freemen’s Charity. Each of these has a different geographical area of benefit and a different grant-making focus. They may be able to help with the cost of uniform or residential visits for your children.

Currently all applications must be made through one of our Grants Officers. CLICK HERE to go to the website. 

Early Childhood and Family Service

For targeted support for families with 0-5 year olds, there is also the 'Early Childhood and Family Service'. They have support available to all families as well as being able to work with individual families on individual needs. 

CLICK HERE to visit their website and see how you can benefit!


Early Help

Following on from this is 'Early Help and Family Support'

If you are experiencing difficulties in your family or are worried about your children, there are people who can offer help and support. Difficulties could be:

  • Mental health problems
  • Domestic abuse at home
  • Drug or alcohol dependency
  • Your child not going to school
  • Struggling as a lone parent
  • Debt problems
  • Housing problems

CLICK HERE to visit the website of this service. 


Just One Norfolk

If you need more general advice from a HEALTH perspective, there is 'Just One Norfolk'. They describe themselves as 'the go to website for Norfolk Families'. It is really user friendly and information is easily accessible.

CLICK HERE for Just One Norfolk.


Below are two handy documents for you. The first is about the cost of living and help available to you. The second is a handy document with lots of good advice for families from the NSPCC. 

Sex and Relationships

School has a curriculum to support 'Relationships and Sex Education', written by the Local Authority. This starts in year 1 and goes through to year 6. However, families should always be the foundation of all relationships and sex education. Families should not just think 'school do that'. Education about healthy relationships starts in the home.  It is really important you are comfortable at home to be able to talk about everything and anything (at an age appropriate level) with your child, not only to help promote a healthy relationship within the family, but to make sure your child knows who they can ask (i.e. an adult at home) if they don't want to ask something in school.

The NSPCC have a great website for you as parents and carers- to help you with 4 particular areas. These are:

  • Healthy relationships
  • Gender and identity
  • Sexuality and sexual orientation
  • Sexual behaviour in children

CLICK HERE to see their website.