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Phonics and Reading

The Early reading leads are Emma Elvin (Y1 Teacher) & Sunita Wahiwala-Richardson (reception teacher)
The KS2 reading lead is the English coordinator, Scott Pritchard.


Teaching children to become fluent readers is central to our curriculum. The teaching of phonics from the youngest years currently follows the Success for All' scheme from FFT. 'Success For All (or SFA) phonics is a systematic synthetic phonics programme validated by the DfE, also based on the progression of 'Letters and Sounds'. This phonics programme will be taught from Reception through Year 1 and into Year 2. All teachers are expert in the teaching of phonics, through their own professional experience and scheme specific training.

'Success For All' is a complete, well sequenced teaching resource. There are 68 reading books to accompany the teaching of reading through Reception and Year 1. As a school we have 30 copies of each and every book so each child can have the book to match the stage of teaching. Parents also have access to all books as e-readers. Teachers and Teaching Assistants are all trained in the programme and it's delivery. The scheme has a thorough half termly assessment to track progress and ensure that we can target support to any children who need extra help to keep up. 

With regard to reading, as already stated, we primarily use 'Success for All' reading books. We have over recent years updated and increased our stock of phonetically decodable books. Children are given decodable books to read alongside the teaching of phonics and scheme specific books. All books are matched to the progression of teaching in the 'Success for All' programme.

Children also take home ‘shared reader’ books to supplement their reading scheme books. These are books to share with parents/carers at home that the children will really enjoy but may need support to access the text. For children who take a little longer to grasp the basics, we have trained Teaching Assistants who can support individuals or groups, out of the main classroom. Our priority is to support all children to 'keep up' with learning through individual and group support. 

'Success For All' Parent Portal

This portal has

  • Access to all the e-readers in the series
  • Access to support videos for you so you know how the sounds should be pronounced
  • Access to a Q& A section with tips such as 'how to encourage reading at home'.

To access the portal, please use the link below:

Once you are on the site, please click the part you need. The ‘Shared Readers Library’ tab is in the top right corner to access the library. You will then be asked to enter the ‘Passcode’ for your school.  

School Name: Trowse Primary School 

Passcode: rfx9ed

Key Stage 2 Reading- 'Accelerated Reader'

The early reading scheme is followed until children progress to being ‘Accelerated Readers’- choosing their own reading books from the library area. This is generally from Year 3 up.

When a child is an Accelerated Reader, they have a termly online adaptive assessment which gives them a clear steer on what books they should choose from our library. When children have read a book, they then take a short quiz to ensure they did read it and could understand it.

Over time we see the children moving on apace in their reading age and we are proud of the impact our systems have on the reading ability of the children. 

These quizzes can be taken in school or at home. Children just need to know their log in details so they can access it anywhere! Click below to go to the pupil log in page.

Welcome to Accelerated Reader


To give even greater clarity on the strategies and methods in place at Trowse, the document below is a tabulated form for our approach to supporting reading right through the school.