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UPDATED September 1st 2021

Where can I get official guidance?

Stay at home: guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection - GOV.UK (

Who should attend school?

All children should now attend school again.

Who do I tell if my child is ill?

If your child is unwell on the morning of coming to school, please let us know. This can be by phone call (you can leave a message on the answer machine) or by filling in an absence on the Pupil Asset App or website log in. Please let us know the reason for absence as this has to be recorded.

Some families have started using Seesaw for letting a teacher know. This is ok to do this AS WELL  as the Pupil Asset App or phoning, but please don't only send a message on Seesaw as the school office does not see this- only the class staff.


They have got a temperature. Can I check it with a lateral flow test, then send them in?

If ANYONE has symptoms (adult or child) they should book a PCR test and isolate (you can leave your house to go to get your PCR test) until the result is known.

You should NOT use a lateral flow device to check if a new high temperature is or is not Covid. Lateral flow devices are for regular testing of high school children and adults, when you feel well anyway to help pick up asymptomatic cases. Some are keeping children off for a day or two, saying 'they had a temperature but we did a lateral flow and it's not Covid'. This is not in line with the guidance. Please book a PCR test.

Why? As far as I can make out from the science, a lateral flow device may not pick up the virus in a child due them being physically smaller and therefore having a lower 'viral load' in their body. A PCR test is the reliable way to know.

Furthermore, if they are confirmed to NOT have COVID from a PCR test but do still have a temperature, the Norfolk Outbreak management Centre are advising that children do not return to school with a temperature at all. If they still have a temperature, please continue to keep them off school.


What do I do if my child has a sickness bug?

If your child has sickness or diarrhoea, they will need to be off school for 48 hours after the symptoms end. This normally means 2 days off school, but could be more if the symptoms are present for a longer time.


What do I do if my child has COVID symptoms?

If your child is exhibiting any COVID symptoms (a raised temperature, a new cough or a loss or change in their sense of taste of smell), HOWEVER MILD, then you should keep your child off school and book a PCR test for them at a testing site. Children should stay off school until the result is known.

If your child becomes symptomatic at school, we will call you and ask you to collect them from school. whilst they wait for you, they will be kept away from others in their class so as to avoid spreading any illness. It will be up to you to book the PCR test for a time and location convenient to you.


What do I do if I (or another adult in the home) have COVID symptoms?

If you (the adult) are exhibiting symptoms, you should book yourself a PCR test, try to isolate yourself within your house where possible to minimise the risk of passing it on to your family. if your PCR is positive, you will need to continue to isolate. If a PCR test is negative, you can return to life as normal.


What do I do if I feel well, but a lateral flow test is positive?

If you (the adult) are taking lateral flow tests and one shows a positive result, despite the fact you feel perfectly well, you will need to book yourself a PCR test. You should isolate until you know the result. Your family only need to book a PCR test if they become symptomatic, or your PCR result is positive.

According to the rules, children can come to school and do not need to isolate. However, if you are isolating, you may not be able to get them to school. You are not allowed to leave your home if you are isolating as a positive case- this includes the school run.


What do I do if I have more than one child in education?

If you have two or more children and one of them is exhibiting symptoms, then you should book a PCR test for that child. You do not need to book a PCR test for people who do not exhibit symptoms initially. This changes however, if the PCR test comes back as positive. In this case, then any close contacts (i.e. the family) would then need to book themselves a PCR test - and stay off school until the result is known.


What do I do if we think it is just a cold?

With children, there are more positive cases where the symptoms were more like a cold (runny nose, sneezing). Colds still exist and are around. Not every cold is COVID. Cold symptoms are not officially listed on the NHS website as of today, but if they have one of the main three symptoms in amongst their overall illness, please chose to get your child tested. Please do let us know and keep them off school until you know the result.


We are still experiencing high COVID case numbers as a country, including, deaths. We want as a school to do everything we can to continue to protect the community (the children, families and staff) as best we can, whilst remaining open for education. We also know that as autumn is here, simple colds will be on the rise. Please support us by making sensible and pragmatic decisions around illness during this period of time.


If you wish to discuss any of these, please do call.

Kind regards,

Stuart Odell, Headteacher